NASWUG December 10, 2009 Meeting Notes

Hello fellow SolidWorks users. We had our annual year end meeting on Thursday December 10. The attendance was a little light for a year end meeting with only 26 attending. The meeting was held at the beautiful Dynetics HQ building with Ricky Jordan our president presiding. For those who could not make it you missed out on some great food. We had roast beef, garlic mash potatoes and green beans..hmmmmm…Gotcha, just kidding. We had pizza and coke products provided by Papa Johns.
Ricky opened the meeting talking briefly about SolidWorks World and recently released service pack 1 for SolidWorks 2010. He also talked about Presentation Studio and Treehouse 2 in SolidWorks Labs. Then Ricky turned the meeting over to Matt Rece from SoildWorks and Tom Young from Modern Tech.
They did a presentation on “What’s New In SolidWorks 2010” Some of the functions they covered were sheet metal, mates, visualization, mouse jesters, weldments, drawings, toolbox, and virtual parts.
After the presentation Ricky gave the closing comments, talking about Solidworks education in the local area and asking for volunteers to help in some training classes. Ricky also asked for feedback and suggestions for future meetings.
At the end of the meeting we drew for prizes. Lloyd Philpott won the grand prize of a Logitech Nano cordless laser mouse donated by 3D Connection. MLC Cad Systems also donated 3 gifts cards.
Thanks to Matt and Tom for outstanding presentations. And just a note to all members. Anyone interested in presenting on a topic should contact Ricky Jordan. We always get outstanding presenters from the SolidWorks community and sometimes don’t realize the wealth of experience within our own group.
P.S. Thanks to Jim Clyburn for filling in for me and compiling the above meeting notes.

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