Three Days to go till the May 2008 Meeting!

Here are a few additional items that we will be discussing during the May 2008 meeting this Thursday.

Officer Elections

We will be holding Officer Elections during the meeting.  We are going to try and make the process simple and fast.  Four positions will be up for election.  President, Vice-President, First Secretary, and Second Secretary.  The meeting floor will be open to nominations from attendees.  A member CAN nominate themselves for one of the four positions.  If more than one person is nominated for a particular position, the winner will be determined via online voting.  I am working on a list of “duties” for each position and will post them before the meeting on Thursday.  We will also be implementing a NASWUG Advisory Board.  I’ll have more on that later as well.

Stay tuned to the NASWUG site for all the latest news!